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WatchTower Open XDR MSS

Organizations know that cyber security is a necessity in a digitalized world. However, challenges persists in recruiting and retaining cyber security talents due to a global demand outstripping qualified candidates. Furthermore there is a need to have multiple talents each in a specialized cyber security areas.

For those whom already has a cyber security team, the solutions selection strategy poses the next challenge; to adopt a long term approach with a scalable platform or scaling with multiple silos solution which in a long run will be less efficient.

Cost efficiency is the next consideration. Managing high cost for staffing on multiple solutions to provide a 24/7 security detect & response team is costly. It requires continuous investment in training with complex detect & response solutions.

At Castelium, we understand and as a certified Managed Security Operations Centre Monitoring Service, we can transform the complexity of Cyber Security into a Simplified Manageability platform for your Digital Transformation Journey via our WatchTower Open XDR Managed Security Service.

Partnering with our Technology providers, Castelium is able provide both the tools as well as the the necessary services to be the WatchTower of Cyber Security for you.

Simplify Security with the economy of scale of service provider specialized in the business of Cybersecurity.

Simplify with a Watchtower on Security Detect & Response to your existing organization environment.

Simplify with Platform which give you a Agnostic & flexibility to be able to self manage or via partnership.

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